…or a few notes to make sure your day is everything you want it to be…

1.     A non-refundable deposit of $2000 is required on booking of L.Orangerie for your celebration.  This deposit ensures your booking and will be deducted from the total cost of hiring The Barn at L’Orangerie ($9500 + gst).

When acknowledging your deposit payment could you please state:
Approximate guest numbers
Size of Bridal Party
Requirement for disabled toilet facilities

2.     Your hireage ($9500 + gst) includes

your garden ceremony and use of The Barn for your reception.  Maximum capacity 120 guests including Bridal Party and children. While our Barn is a ‘rustic’ structure we do ask that extra decoration does not involve the use of hammers, nails, screws etc.

Champagne saucers for the post ceremony toasts (if required) and vintage dinner plates, wine glasses and silver cutlery for the dinner table (also if required).

Rustic tables, old school chairs and historic pews are provided for dining. Our tables are gorgeous, unsealed macrocarpa finished with Wax for a subtle natural look. However they are very easily stained.  We do ask that some sort of table protection be used (fabric ‘runner’ with undersheeting for permeable fabrics) particularly where our guests opt for ‘shared platters’ during the evening meal.  Childrens tables must be covered.

If L’Orangeries’ tables are to be used for Buffet serving, preparing flowers on, washing up on (i.e. cleaning by guests during their tidy up) then we ask that appropriate plastic sheeting is used to protect them.

If ‘candles’ are to be used on the tables they must be contained in such a way that wax cannot drip onto the bare wood.  Remember guests and/or caterers may need to shift candles during the evening so it is important the candle holder is sufficient to contain all wax should this happen.

1 x L’Orangerie staff member who attends all celebrations in an overseeing capacity. We advise you will need two Bar Staff at all celebrations – at least one of which needs to be from the L’Orangerie team.  We can happily arrange all staff required if you cannot supply your own ($20/hr).

One visit to the Venue once you have booked your wedding day and prior to the day before your celebration (set up day).  Without wanting to sound in any way unwelcoming we have found our lovely guests wishing to visit with us numerous times during the lead up to their day.  Given we host 20 weddings through the summer months you can imagine the extra commitment required if all our guests were to visit 3+ times each throughout the year.

If extra visits are absolutely essential to the success of your wedding day we will work hard to accommodate you for a small fee ($100/visit)

Given we are a working farm and a private residence it is important for both safety and privacy that all visits are by appointment only.

3.     All remaining hireage costs are due at least 7days before your celebration

4.     A refundable security bond of $500 against damage to goods and/or property of L.Orangerie is to be paid to L.Orangerie at least 7 days before your celebration. Please provide a Bank Account number for refunding this deposit after your celebration.

5.     Damage caused to any sub-hired goods is the responsibility of the client for the period of the celebration and is subject to the terms of the hire company used.

6.     Damage caused to any goods supplied by L.Orangerie e.g. candelabra, tables, chairs, crockery, linens etc will be subject to repair/replacement costs as decided by L.Orangerie.

Broken plates incur a replacement charge of $25/plate
Broken glasses incur a replacement charge of $10/glass

7.     There is an expectation that the majority of your guests will be transported to and from L’Orangerie using an approved Bus Company.  This is to ensure the safety of guests who are consuming alcohol during the occasion, to minimise traffic to/from the Venue and to look after our ‘one way’ unsealed driveway.

NOTE : due to our ‘country lane’ access (narrow and windy!) the largest buses we can accommodate are the short wheel base, single axel ‘school buses’ which have a 36 seat capacity (although licensed for up to 49 guests using standing room).  Please make sure you are clear about this restriction if you are in discussion with a bus company as any larger bus will get stuck!

L’Orangerie cannot accommodate overnighting vehicles.  If guests are to be using Taxis to/from the Venue the Taxi company will need to be informed that there will be a need to wait in the Venue carpark due to our one way driveway.

8.     If at all possible it is good to minimise the amount of vehicular traffic used in the setting up of your day.  With our venue being predominantly ‘grassed’, too many cars/trucks/trailers tend to make things look very ‘worn’ very quickly (especially if the conditions are damp or wet).  The grass springs back but unfortunately not for a few days and it is a shame to have it looking less than its best on your day.

9.     Confetti, party poppers etc. are not to be used at L.Orangerie due to the ensuing issues with cleaning up.  Rose petals or other petals are acceptable as confetti although it would be greatly appreciated if the use of petals could be limited to grass areas.

10.  Out of respect to our animals and concerns about ‘fires’, we cannot allow the use of firecrackers, sparklers, flying lanterns or any entertainments that involve naked flame.

11.  Smoking is not permitted in the vicinity of the homestead, lawns, orchard or The Barn building.  If guests to the reception area are likely to be smoking, adequate provision must be made for a ‘smoking area’ and we respectfully request that you make sure your guests are made aware of the smoking conditions. All cigarette butts are to be extinguished safely/tidily in the sand box provided.  It is really important to our family as guardians of this beautiful place that we do not have our home littered with cigarette butts.

There is a $10 fine for each cigarette butt found at the Venue after the celebration – monies will be deducted from the Bond.

12.  L’Orangerie is a BYO beer/wine venue with no corkage charges for the 2016/17 wedding season.  However we do ask that our guests remove their bottles and general rubbish during their clean up.

13.  Some details of the plan for your day will be needed at least 14 days before       your celebration so that we are all on the same page on the day . . .

a.      Size of Bridal Party and number of guests attending confirmed

b.      Time of celebration and reception (start and finish) and the location of ceremony, drinks etc.

c.      Name of caterer and what facilities they will need . . tent? Prep tables? Lights?

d.     Details of your chosen music option and contact details for the musicians.

e.      A list of any other companies/individual ‘helpers’ that will be attending you before and/or on the day – this just helps us help you as we can liaise with your team to ensure everyone has what they need.

f.       Which bus company are you using to transport your guests and how many/what size buses have you booked for your day?

g.      Method of rubbish collection and removal

h.     Provisions for guests who smoke

i.       Car parking attendant (to greet guests)

j.       MOST IMPORTANT . . L’Orangerie will need a responsible ‘go to’ person to liaise with during the evening in the event of unforeseen ‘issues’.  Unfortunately we have had some bad experiences with

–         Guests becoming unmanageable through too much alcohol
–        Musicians becoming too loud and not turning down/off the music when asked
–        Guests refusing to leave the property at the end of the celebration

It is essential we have a sober, responsible member of our Guests party to whom we can refer ‘problems’ that need immediate attention as we definitely do not want any upset for our Bridal Party on this beautiful occasion.

k.      . . and of course a list of anything you need in the way of help from us at L.Orangerie . . . including any help you may need with items above as we are more than happy to help with advice/facilities for rubbish/smoking/car parking etc to . . just ask . .

14.  While every precaution is taken to ensure the safety of you and your guests, L.Orangerie owners and/or staff will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to property (including vehicles) or injury to any person.  PLEASE ENSURE THAT THE CHILDREN ARE SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES.  All clients and their guests use the venue at their own risk.

15.  We reserve the right to request that any over intoxicated people and/or people behaving inappropriately, be removed from the venue.  Please remember that your guests are your responsibility.

16.  One of the most special features of our L’Orangerie is the peaceful country environment In which we have chosen to plant our gardens and grow our children.  We are mindful that we do not want to disturb our friends and neighbours who also enjoy this beautiful part of the world.

Alongside our own desire to respect our neighbours are Council regulations on noise control.  To this end L’Orangerie is an Acoustic Venue suited to smaller bands, duos and DJs.  We do not allow acoustic drums or electric guitars and advise the need to control the ‘bottom end’ or ‘bass’ sounds.  Any amplified music needs to be strictly controlled to a maximum of 75dBH 6m from source (which is more than loud enough for dancing).

Music needs to be quietening down by 11pm and all finished by 11.30pm.

Note . . we are currently reviewing the most effective, stress free way of controlling music to appropriate levels.  It is likely we will install our own sound system which visiting musicians will necessarily plug into.

17.  All guests must have vacated the venue by 12pm

There is a minimum fee of $500 and $500/hr for parties that remain on the premises after midnight.

18.   Access for decorating /setting up is from 10am – 3pm the day before your event i.e. if your event is on Saturday, you have access from Friday 10am.

19.  If some of your Bridal Party have opted to get ready at L’Orangerie on the morning of your wedding day, please note we are open from 10am and the facility is available for Bridal Party only.  The doors will be closed once the ceremony begins.

20.   All food/wine/dirty dishes must be cleared away at the end of the evening of the event so as not to attract the interest of possums, flies etc.  This is usually part of the Caterers job and we liase with them to ensure it is done.

21.  Out of consideration for our own animals, we are unable to accommodate animals at celebrations held at L.Orangerie

22.   Packing away decorations must be attended to the day after your event (unless we have discussed and agreed on an extension) i.e. if your event is on Saturday, decorations etc should be removed by Sunday 11am.

23.   And finally. . if you have this document it means you have already had at least one meeting with us here at L.Orangerie.  Therefore it is our hope that we have left you with the very certain knowledge that we are here to help you in every way we can to achieve the Wedding Celebration of your dreams.  Be assured that we are open to any and all of your ideas and more than happy to discuss any of the items above that might not quite fit with the day you are planning.

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